Venues for Conferences, Forums, Seminars, Master Classes, etc.

Congress Hall

Congress Hall is a majestic building of a impressive architecture located on the high bank of the Belaya (White) River in the downtown Ufa. It has 4 levels, 5 convention halls, 7 conference halls, a concert hall, 5 restaurants and exhibition areas. The most important events in the history of this building were the SCO and BRICS summits in July 2015. The Congress Hall has been completely modernized in accordance with international standards by that time, so that it can host top-level diplomatic meetings.Hundreds of national and international congresses, forums and conferences are held here annually.
 Adjacent to the Congress Hall is the Ufa Amphitheater: a natural geological open-air ground with access to the quayside. 

Type: concert halls, conference halls, restaurants
Address: 2 Zaki Validi St., Ufa
Total area: 36000
Number of rooms: 37
Seating capacity: 4000
Equipment: audio/video