24 september 2018

CIOFF President: "All countries will see hospitality of Bashkortostan and its residents"

The World Congress of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art — CIOFF took place in Ufa on September 15-25.

During the closing ceremony on September 23, CIOFF President Philippe Beaussant thanked the government of the republic for organizing and holding the congress at a high level.
"It was one of the best congresses in the history of CIOFF. I am grateful to the Head of the Republic, the Government of Russia and Bashkortostan. You did a great job, everything was perfect. We are looking forward to the World Folkloriada 2020.
In two years all countries will see the hospitality of Bashkortostan and its residents", Mr. Beaussant said.
"Send invitations to Ufa all over the world", Philippe Beaussant addressed the leaders of the CIOFF national sections.
General Director of the Russian House of Folk Art Tamara Purtova stressed the importance of the work done.
"Two weeks passed quickly because they were full of active work. People gathered here who are united by one idea — the preservation of folklore, folk culture, its development, and popularization. What we are doing here, unites peoples and continents, strengthens friendship, love, peace and mutual understanding among all peoples. In two years I'll see you again. I would like to hope that this Folkloriada will be the most colorful, bright, peaceful and memorable in the history of CIOFF", she said.
Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan Amina Shafikova thanked CIOFF for the opportunity to exchange experience between countries on preserving cultural heritage. She noted the tremendous work that members of the CIOFF Council were carrying out.

The next CIOFF World Congress will be in October 2019 in Santiago, the capital of Chile. As part of the solemn closing of the Congress in Ufa, the flag of the CIOFF Congress was handed over to the delegation of Chile, the press service of the Bashkortostan Convention Bureau reported.
The representative of the Latin American and Caribbean Islands in the CIOFF Council, Victor Fierro, thanked for this honor and told the guests a little about his country. He marked that as part of the Congress in Santiago, the Chile will hold its own Festival of Folklore, so he invited the troupes from Bashkortostan to take part in it and also to present their republic as a venue for the Folkloriada 2020.
The 48th World Congress of CIOFF took place on the eve of the 6th World Folkloriada 2020. The forum lasted 11 days. It was attended by 200 representatives of the Executive Committee and CIOFF national sections of the from 51 country.