17 may 2017

Bashkir Beekeeper on the Cover of an Italian Beekeeping Magazine

APINSIEME Italian National Journal of Apiculture ( published a large article about Bashkortostan. and placed a photo of a Bashkir wildhive-beekper on the front cover of its May issue

APINSIEME is the only independent beekeeping journal in Italy, which publishes interviews with scientists from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and beekeepers from all over the world. he journal has set a goal of raising new generation of beekeepers who are real professionals and will acquire extensive knowledge about bees. Beekeepers of Italy, as well as regional and national associations of beekeepers and honey processors are among its readers.

Francesco Colafemmina wrote a four-page article named "DISCOVERING BEEKEEPING IN BASHKORTOSTAN". The author shares his knowledge and experiense with beekeeping in Russia, pristine nature of Bashkortostan, Burzyan bee and Shulgan-Tash Nature Reserve. Francesco meets a 58 year old beekeeper Alexander, who lives in Bashkortostan and is beekeeper since 17 years.

"To taste Alexander's honey in the middle of winter was for me a sort of exploration of the nature of the glorious Russian region of Bashkortostan and an amazing gastronomic experience with a fantastic honey, since there aren't other words to describe its delicate freshness and the variety of flower flavors, so fascinating that you would like to eat it slowly slowly, since too much precious is the secret recipe of his honeybees", the author writes.

"We really hope that in 2021 the entire international beekeeping community will recognize Bashkortostan as a magic place to share and learn once more the values of honey and beehive."